All Stars

OudHout (Dutch artist Diederick Kraaijeveld) went to Detroit, MI to salvage wood from basketball floors in some of the abandoned buildings there. With some of those pieces he created a pair of Stars & Stripes All Stars, commissioned by Converse for The Canvas Experiment. The piece was unveiled at a party in Paris, France beginning of 2011. The piece is now hanging at the entrance of Converse’s recording studio Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn NY. The Detroit images were shot by Alex Hoxie, the Paris and Holland shots are shot by Gideon Elings (www.Gideon, Kraaijeveld’s longtime buddy who accompanies him all over the world. All video has been shot with the DSLR Canon 5DMark2. The Editing is also done by Elings. This is a Cowboyfilm production….